Sukkot Conference

Sept.18th - 27th

Primary Contact Info

Family Info

Please, only one household per registration! Thank you!

Full Time Passes

Registration is $130 per person 6 years old and over to a max of 5 charged per family for "FULL TIME PASS".

Single Day Passes

Each  attendee (who does not have a "full time pass") needs a pass for each full or partial day of attendance.

PLEASE NOTE:  This fee applies whether you are camping or not, or eating or not.  This fee helps us cover a multitude of expenses associated with the feast.


Total Attendees

NOTE:  If over 10 attendees please email [email protected] with the additional attendee information.

  • (We highly encourage you to find OTHER accommodations for your pets. )
    "I shall assume responsibility for anyone's medical and emergency expenses in the event of injury, illness, or other incapacity caused by my pet(s), regardless of whether I authorized such expenses. I agree that I, as owner of the pet(s), am solely responsible for the pet(s) behavior and physical control and agree to carefully monitor and control it at all times."

Arrival time is no earlier than 12 pm on the first day.

Departure time will be no later than 12 pm on the last day.

Merchandise Options

  • Short Sleeve Shirt

    Short Sleeve Shirt

    100% Cotton
    Color may vary

  • Long Sleeve Shirt

    Long Sleeve Shirt

    100% Cotton
    Color may vary

  • Hooded Sweatshirt

    Hooded Sweatshirt

  • Zippered Sweatshirt

    Zippered Sweatshirt

  • Crew Sweatshirt

    Crew Sweatshirt

Please Click Here for planning information and to read Sukkot rules. It is important that you read this information before you register. Thank you!

Volunteer Requirements

Thank you in advance for volunteering during the feast.  It would be impossible to host the feasts without all of you, who are able, participating.

Did you Know???  Did you know that each day there are more than 70 Volunteer positions that need to be filled?

That being said, it is very important that all who are able, who are 12 years old and up, sign up for a minimum of 2 service times.  Some of you will be willing to sign up for even more, and that is very appreciated and needed.  (under 12 are welcome and encouraged to volunteer as well)

How to volunteer you ask?  Upon arrival, please head to the "Registration" table where you will check in, get your attendance pass and that is where you will also sign up for your volunteer service which you will need to also write on the back of your pass so you don't forget to show up at the right times.

Thank you again, and don't forget each member of the family who is able is required to sign up, so parents please help your children sign up,  and also ensure your children show up when necessary.


As you can imagine this is a very expensive endeavor and the fees we charge cover the basic direct needs of the feast itself, but do not take into account the countless other expenses involved with continuing the work we do to make this available.  All donations are greatly appreciated!


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