Camp Dates: July 21-26, 2024 (Sunday-Friday)

Camp Location: Camp Oakhurst, 36611 Mudge Ranch Rd., Coarsegold, CA 93614

Staff Registration Cost: $380 (Camper cost is $430.)

Camper Ages: 13-18 (on July 21-26, 2024)

  • - in the cabins, counseling & supervising campers, enforce all rules etc.

  • - assist counselor in cabins (staff ages 18-19)

  • - lead worship before teaching sessions

  • - certified medical personnel trained to assist with injuries, etc.

  • - in charge of and directing all activities, games, etc.

  • - assist Activities Director

  • - Together with another staff member, meet with a camper to bring him/her to the feet of Yeshua, so He can meet their need. (Matt. 9:2-8 ministry)
    This generally requires confidentiality and more time than a counselor (overseeing 6-8 campers) can give to any individual camper. A Counselor T.O.O. should consider themselves to be providing assistance to the Counselors and CITs.

  • - helping with comforting campers, giving counsel, providing band-aids, hugs, enforce all rules, etc.

  • - specify, i.e. photographer, musician, dance instructor, etc.

Emergency Information

In the event you are incapacitated, with whom may we we consult regarding you in an emergency? You must list a least one emergency contact.

Emergency Contact # 1

Emergency Contact # 2

Personal Testimony

Please answer the following in three or four sentences.

Staff Application Questions

Please answer the following questions in the provided comment sections.


We need to contact a few references, such as an elder, a friend, etc. so we can know you a little better. (If you are a part of their fellowship, please specify)

Reference # 1

Reference # 2

Required Forms

MWC is blessed to have raised up a staff and retain most staff members from previous years. Priority will be given to those serving with Safe Haven Sustainable Farms and Growing in Torah and/or those who have displayed leadership in Safe Haven Sustainable Farm events such as Sukkot and other events.  

All staffers are asked to pay for their expenses. Safe Haven Sustainable Farms (parent ministry of MWC and GIT) is a non-profit ministry. Your help in fundraising is welcomed. All staffers are required to follow all rules that campers follow and enforce them.  Additionally, all staff MUST be willing to arrive no later than Sunday morning, July 21st, and be able to stay the entire week of camp. Ideally, we will meet at Camp Oakhurst on July 21st around 12 PM to pray, mingle, plan, etc.  We can make arrangements for you to come for the weekend and stay with us or with families in our fellowship, depending on space availability.  

If you are living with your parents, we believe you should have their support in your desire to serve at Messiah West Coast. This being said, we feel it is important that the parents of CIT applicants give their blessing to their children in being a part of camp, and therefore require the signature of a parent.

I understand what the program requires, including being at Camp Oakhurst BEFORE camp commences, and am interested in applying for a staff position with Messiah West Coast.

Furthermore, I agree to not discuss divisive matters that do not pertain to salvation. For example, food can become an issue. If we eat Biblically-clean food, this is what matters, but if one prefers only to eat vegetables, it should not be forced upon others. Likewise, we will not argue over the Name of our Elohim or Messiah, and will welcome Yahweh, Yahovah, Yah, Yeshua, Yashua, etc. and we will not engage in debates on the calendar and will leave this subject up to the camper, their family and fellowship. Our focus will be on loving YHWH and each other.

You must download, sign, and return the following documents: 

ALL STAFF FORMS IN 1 DOCUMENT - OR - (Print individual documents below)

1) Staff Agreement or CIT Agreement - Due July 1

2) Camp Oakhurst Medical Waiver - Due July 1

3) Copy of Insurance Card (front & back) - Due July 1

4) Food Allergy Form - Due July 1 (only return if applicable)

Please return Documents 1-4 to MWC, 41781 Rd. 142, Orosi, CA 93647, or email to [email protected]. (Legible photos are acceptable.) Document 5 must be brought with you on the day of camp.

If you encounter issues during registration please email [email protected] or text/call Karla Barnes @ 559-859-4512.  If you have questions regarding camp or staff positions, please text/call Jon Leppke @ 559-273-8695

Payment & Cancellation Policy

Registration cost for staff is $380. Registration includes 5 nights lodging at Camp Oakhurst, all meals, planned activities, t-shirt, etc.) Additional free-time activities (ex. rock wall, paintball) are not included. If you would like to participate, you may do so. These activities range from $10-25.

There are two payment options: "Online" or "Pay by check."  

When "Online" payment method is selected, the entire fee will be collected at time of registration.

If you prefer to pay later, please click "Pay by Check." Check payments are due by July 14, 2024 and can be mailed to MWC, 41781 Rd. 142, Orosi, CA 93647.

Please click "Save Registrant" (scroll to link below) to be taken to the Payment Page.

  • - Click to pay in full now.

  • Please make checks out to SHSF (Safe Haven Sustainable Farms) and write "MWC Staff" in the Memo line. Registration payments are due by July 14, 2024. Mail to MWC, 41781 Road 142, Orosi, CA 93647.


Please click "Save Registrant" (link below) to be taken to the Payment page.

Don't forget to print and send back your forms by July 1.


Email to: [email protected]

Snail-mail to: MWC,  41781 Rd. 142, Orosi, CA 93647

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